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OK, there we have it, I finally decided to dedicate a portion of all this space to the Creatures game. I have no clue yet as to what will be on here, except norn downloads, maybe with luck I'll think of something...



13/5/2002 ~ Well, if I had constant visitors, I'd regret not updating much anymore. But I don't so, I've nothing to be afraid of. Anyway, I'm a few months late, but you by now may have heard of The Creatures Jungle Travel Guide. Perhaps that's how you found this little hole of mine. Anyway, I was just really glad to see a link to my site there.

Anyway, I haven't really gotten around to working on this site much, mainly because no one visits. That, and I've been busy, stressed, and working on a million other things. Will I still update this page? I hope so. Will it close anytime soon? Over my dead body ;)

1/2/2002 ~ Fin! Finally, I completed my New Photography section :) Go see if I have your breed! Okay, I know I haven't made an actualy update in ages, and Creatures-related? Well...I've been busy, and lazy. You know, just when it seems that the Creatures Community is at a standstill, you then notice that my links page is out of date again. But I just re-did it! Meh, don't blink you'll miss it. The links are my next updating plans, by the way.

24/12/2001 ~ 'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, especially not the mouse' :) Happy Holidays all, whatever it is you choose to celebrate!

7/12/2001 ~ Woo! I never knew how much fun DS could be! Over at DS Central, my norn, Drebiden, is the #1 most prolific procreator! Simply she's had so many eggs, she's mentioned a space. I'm so proud! Also, Shuhei, a norn not bred by me, but lives in my world, I beleive he's #5 on that table. Yay for me!

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